Rally Plus: The Meeting Room Solution for Video Conferencing

This is an image of a logitech rally video conferencing room solution. The picture includes the video conferencing technology set up in a corporate meeting room.
A digital rendering of plans created for a client’s project in Southern New Jersey.

The Ultimate Meeting Room Solution

Are you feeling frustrated with an outdated video conferencing system? Does your team not know how to operate your current video conferencing technology? Look no further than the Logitech Rally Plus. This modern conference room solution is the perfect tool for any organization that values collaboration and productivity. The Rally Plus is the easiest solution to operate on the market, ensuring your team members can use this system without a hassle.

The Logitech Rally Plus is a powerful combination of high-quality speakers, cameras, and microphones that deliver a rich, immersive audio and video conferencing experience to participating members of any virtual meeting. Rally Plus is designed to give you the flexibility and convenience your business needs to maximize productivity and collaboration among your team members or clients.

Rally Plus comes with a range of accessories designed to help make your conference room experience as enjoyable as possible. This includes a variety of microphones, a wireless content casting system, and a central control system that lets you quickly and easily join pre-scheduled meetings with a single touch. It’s also easy to customize your setup with an array of mounting options that let you place the cameras, speakers, and microphones wherever you need them.

What makes the Rally Plus so special?

The Rally Plus is outfitted with 4k video technology with the help of a high-quality camera system that captures full-room views. Its camera features an automatic tracking system, which zooms in and focuses on the person speaking. When the conversation shifts to someone else, the camera zooms in on that person. If two or more people are engaging in conversation, the camera will zoom out to capture everyone involved in the conversation.

The included Logitech Tap control panel makes it easy to adjust the system’s various settings although the main purpose is to allow you to launch meetings with the single touch of a button.

With an intuitive control and modular configuration, the Logitech Rally Plus can accurately reflect the shape and size of any conference room. The system’s central hub offers supreme audio and video capabilities, making it ideal for small and large gatherings alike.

Rally Plus Feature and Capabilities

The Logitech Rally Plus has a modular design that allows you to customize the layout of your conference room to fit your specific needs. It’s proprietary integrated audio system is equipped with multiple speakers for crystal-clear audio. The video is captured by a 4k Motorized PTZ camera, also offering RightSight auto-framing and 5 to 15x zoom with exceptional optical clarity.

Furthermore, Rally Plus ensures the best possible conversations with echo cancellation and Logitech’s premium microphones. The system can have up to seven microphone pods with easy access to mute controls. Each microphone can capture sounds in an area of about 14 feet. This feature adjusts the audio levels to prevent echoes and feedback. Through the use of SmartDSP and Logitech voice clarity, users can enjoy crystal-clear and natural-sounding conversations.

What truly sets the Rally Plus apart is its ability to collaborate across popular video conferencing platforms. Whether it is Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, Ring Central, Rally Plus integrates seamlessly to almost any video conferencing software.

When it comes to connectivity, the Logitech Rally Plus connects to your PC, Mac, or Chromebox via USB, HDMI, or WiFi steaming. This makes it incredibly easy for any user to walk up and connect to the system with any type of laptop, Mac or PC. Start your meeting in no time without the frustrating hassle of all too common impossible-to-use technology.


Logitech Rally Plus is a premier modular video conferencing system for any sized business. The system provides a versatile platform that can be used to host meetings, presentations, workshops, and much more. It’s easy to set up and configure, making it the perfect solution for any workspace. Plus, it has a number of advanced features that make it perfect for any team. Whether you’re looking for a cost-effective solution or a comprehensive conference room solution, the Logitech Rally Plus is the perfect fit.

Hensinger Audio Video has installed many of these systems throughout the South Jersey area without a single complaint. Our clients love how easy the system is to operate and they always impressed with how easy the system is to use.

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